Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Work in Progress: Her Cups Runneth Over

So here's the scoop:
In 2009, America's favorite 'every woman', Ms. Barbie herself turned 50. That same year, two books came out disputing who should rightfully be credited for bringing Barbie to life. On one end, we have Ruth Handler, the woman who was inspired to make a doll that she fashioned after a german comic book character. Opposing her is Jack Ryan, an engineer who built the prototype of Barbie. The question of who is more to thank is really a question of which came first, the chicken or the egg. 
Regardless, the only thing that both books agreed on is that Handler and Ryan felt that the doll needed to have large breasts. Hence, the title of the article that this illustration belongs to. Ryan is accused of being a pervert, and Handler a naive woman wanting to set an example for girls of what a grown woman should look like. Bottom line- cup size is the only concurrence. 
My illustration features Barbie reading what the authors have to say about her in what is a literal reflection on the subject. One hand covers her breast and the other, her mouth as she is essentially silenced by those taking credit for her popularity. 
This is a rough composition so a little refining is to be expected. 
I'll post the final as soon as I finish. 
Thanks for checking it out!
Click here for the article.

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