Saturday, January 29, 2011

After much ado,

I finally finished Lagerfeld!

I feel the man is a genius! I made an illustration as an homage to Lagerfeld. For those of you who are unfamiliar with him, he is a very influential and controversial figure in the fashion world. It was Lagerfeld who came up with the FENDI logo in the sixties when he was put on board to revamp the label. And so, my piece is a reflection on how he came up with the idea. I thought it would be fun if it was a happy accident (as so much in art is). The hangers reflecting on his glasses make a double "F" which is where his concept was born. My own experience in working retail has inspired me for this piece, seeing as how even the most uninteresting things can take on a character (pun intended) of their own.


  1. very cool Erick, love the way you're painting things :D

  2. thanks natalie!!
    it's a bit different from my traditional painting but i'm finding my way :o)