Saturday, December 18, 2010

The One

Good Morning,
Even though school is out, I've stayed true to form and got a late (night) start on an illustration for ya. This is version 2/ sketch 1 for a campaign for Dolce and Gabbana's men's fragrance, The One. You may be asking yourself, "what's up with the deer?"
Let me explain.
In buddhist culture there are three senseless animals- the deer, the tiger, and the monkey. I stumbled across this while doing some research on the number 1. Most of it pointed to the symbolization of greed. Greed is often represented by monkeys, as they are the most intelligent beast, and it is believed that these animals have a strong connection to the number one, ergo the cologne and birth to my campaign for the fashion empire. "Why the hot guy?" Well, just google Dolce and Gabbana ads.
Two more illustrations are to follow (to complete this triptych). One featuring a monkey, and one featuring a tiger. I'll keep you posted! 


  1. Love the drawing, Erick! Can't wait to see the rest.

  2. love it love it love itttt :D
    your drawings are always amazing and my favorite!

  3. Daaaaamn, the drawing is super awesome! I would round out the corner of the deer the same way the bottle's corner is rounded. :)

  4. The drawing and the rendering is awesome, and the dude is totally hot :) I think the way that the deer ends so abruptly inside the shape of the bottle is a little awkward... It would be cool if it sort of faded away (like the guy's jeans, but maybe a little more dramatically), that way there would be more of a etherial, spirit animal type feeling to it.

    I really love the idea! I can't wait for the tiger :D

  5. thanks guys,
    really good critique, i will definitely address that in the final ill!

  6. hay :) i just saw your link in IFB so i decided to drop by :) nice blog you have here. have a fabulous day/night!

    F. ( xx