Thursday, September 17, 2009


New Year, new work!

Well, this is my first illustration assignment for my Junior year at Ring-a-ling. Mr. Thiel gave us an article about cars. Nothing too profound. It was simply a reflection on muscle cars of the 1960s and their incredible horsepower. It was more about the nostalgia of the cars and the era. As a result, I wanted to make a piece that was fun and had a retro feel to it. I also thought it was important to have the suggestion of a car but not actually draw A CAR because I think cars are boring. 
So, i came up with this number to communicate the idea of a car without spelling it out, so to speak. I looked at a lot of pin up/cheesecake artwork for inspiration as well as books on poster design and cars. I decided that I wanted my piece to be interesting from every angle so I flipped two people holding one steering wheel so that either way you look at it, the image would be just as captivating. 
Any whoo, I've babbled enough, so the last thing I'll say is that the image on the bottom is the tight sketch, and the image at the top is the final!

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